Our Purpose

NetworkED is a new initiative for primary health care professionals across the UK, linking and resourcing GPs, dietitians, practice nurses and therapists in the first network of its kind.

Working across all 4 nations, this new online network is available (and advertised) to all GPs in NHS and private practices across the UK, within university, hospital and community settings, and to all interested primary health professionals.

It aims to create a space for information sharing, development of service provision, and the pooling of educational resources. It also exists to contribute to professional CPD and revalidation, potentially up-skilling all members.

What Others Say

Anorexia and Bulimia Care is delighted to be facilitating this important new support network.

- J. Smith, CEO of ABC

An excellent idea to develop a special interest group in Primary Care Eating Disorder Service Provision, and I'm very keen to be involved.

- Dr. W. Devlin, Clinical Psychologist, Bristol

Having lived with the assumption, after 15 years working in ED services, that I was the only GP who had specialised, it is fabulous to find that there are lots of us!

- Dr. N. Mazey, GP, Liverpool

[This is] a great initiative!

- S. Muir, Senior Lecturer in Psychology, Bournemouth University