CPD training: Working with binge eating and food addiction

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Counsellor / psychotherapist

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Date & Time:16th April 2016, 10am – 4pm


21 Wigmore Street
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A workshop for counsellors, psychotherapists, psychologists, doctors, psychiatrists and coaches.

Binge eating is a common presentation for people who struggle with their world. Managing emotions with food can lead to excess weight gain, which in turn triggers critical inner voices, poor body image and low self-worth. In the past year, we are hearing more clients presenting with a self-diagnosis of food addiction, a desperate place where they feel helpless to change their behaviour.

This workshop will provide you with essential psycho-education and nutritional interventions to support your clients in rebalancing their physiology and reducing symptoms. We will examine how the hedonic reward system can shape behaviour, and strategies that can support behaviour change. Case study and experiential work will give space for integration of theory into practice. Throughout, the unconscious process of the client’s food world, and relational dynamics with their therapist, will be considered.

Workshop schedule

10:00 Introduction
What do you want to get from this training?

10:30 Introduction to binge eating and food addiction
What is binge eating and food addiction and what solutions do we have for them?

11:15 Psychobiology 
Understanding the brain and gut responses that occur from overeating.
Exploring the hedonic reward system and how behaviour can be shaped by it.

12:15 Case study 
Exploring a binge eating food diary, what patterns do you see?
What is being communicated in the client’s food world?
What interventions for binge eating can you come up with?

13:00 Lunch

14:00 Nutritional and behavioural interventions for binge eating and food addiction
We will work through various nutritional and behavioural interventions to support your client in reducing their symptoms, and feeling calmer and more settled around food.
What is the impact of this on the therapeutic relationship?

15:15 Integrating into practice
Experiential work, exploring how you can deliver and integrate these new interventions into practice.

15:40 Summary and feedback

16:00 Close

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