‘Bite Sized’ by Fiona Hamilton

Bite Sized is a poetic, moving story of a mother’s striving to nourish her child, who has anorexia. It is about the impact of eating disorders and the challenges of parenting. It is also a story of the monster that lurks close by all of us in the modern world – the monster of ‘too much’ and ‘not enough’.

The book speaks to anyone trying to care for another person, bring up a child, grapple with illness, or simply navigate the ups and downs of being human. Told in digestible morsels, it offers space for shared human experiences to resonate: vulnerability, the quest for hope, and the need to be nourished.

Fiona Hamilton brings the depth and conviction of personal experience, a sprinkling of humour, and a poetic heart to themes of body, mind, suffering and relationships. Profoundly moving, Bite Sized faces a modern-day problem with our humanity and invites us to take on monsters, trusting in the importance of love.


Illustrations by Jitka Palmer.