‘Hope with Eating Disorders’ by Lynn Crilly

Hope with Eating Disorders: A Self-Help Guide for Parents, Carers and Friends of Sufferers
Hay House, 2012

When we discuss eating disorders, there’s a tendency to focus on the sufferer. Yet there are millions of concerned parents, carers, friends and relatives who are confused and frustrated – both by their own personal circumstances, and by the abundance of potentially misleading information. “Hope with Eating Disorders” offers real understanding of the mind-set of someone suffering with an eating disorder, plus an extensive description of the various treatments available for the many and varied types of eating disorders that exist. With interviews from some of the world’s leading experts, it sends the message that real, full and lasting recovery is possible, despite what we are so often told. Having helped her own daughter on the journey from an eating disorder back to health and happiness, Lynn wants the HOPE within these pages to leap out and give a hug of inspiration and strength; to you, a friend or a loved one. With the help of this book you can progressively break the negative spiral of this all too common illness once and for all.